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6th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition and Festival

The Toruń Symphony Orchestra cordially invites you to the 6th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition and Festival. The competition and festival will commence on September 20th and culminate on October 6th with the Prize-Winners’ Concert. The International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition stands as one of Europe’s most distinguished and renowned competitions, drawing talented young musicians from diverse corners of the world. This year, we are honoured to announce that Prof. Daniel Stabrawa, an eminent violinist and conductor who served as the concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic for 35 years, will preside as the chairman of the jury. 

The International Violin Competition has a rich history dating back to 2007, when its inaugural edition took place. The subsequent edition was organized three years later. In 2013, the event expanded to include a violin festival, which proved to be immensely popular. Violin enthusiasts not only had the opportunity to witness the competition but also participated in concerts and accompanying events. 

Since 2019, the event has been known as the International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition and Festival, honouring Karol Lipiński, a renowned violin virtuoso, outstanding composer, and pedagogue often referred to as the “Polish Paganini”. One of the competition’s objectives is to preserve Lipiński’s compositions from obscurity.

From its inception, the competition has attracted young and talented violinists from all corners of the globe. The previous edition drew over 80 applicants, with 24 participants ultimately competing, representing numerous countries, some of which were geographically distant. Prize-Winners: Elias David Moncado (First Prize, Germany), Robert Łaguniak (Second Prize, Poland), and Yumiko Yumiba (Third Prize, Japan), all of whom have achieved numerous successes and garnered prizes in prestigious international competitions.  

6th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition and Festival  - prizes

This year, participants can anticipate the following prizes:

First Prize: €15,000
Second Prize: €10,000
Third Prize: €6,000
3 x Honourable Mention - €2,000 each

Additionally, non-regulatory prizes will also be bestowed upon deserving participants.

- We are accepting applications from participants until June 3. Participation in the Competition is open to violinists of all nationalities born between 1989 and 2005, states Przemysław Kempiński, Director of the Toruń Symphony Orchestra. 

6th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition and Festival – course

The competition will be comprised of three stages, all open to the public. Throughout these stages, participants will showcase works by renowned composers such as J. S. Bach, H. Wieniawski, N. Paganini, L. van Beethoven, and, notably, K. Lipiński, among others. The Competition repertoire encompasses both well-known virtuoso violin concertos and seldom-performed pieces. 

During the initial stage, solo violin works will be presented. The second stage, which will include up to twelve participants selected by the jury, will feature recitals accompanied by piano (lasting 40-45 minutes), with one of Lipiński's compositions being mandatory. 

The third stage, hosting six finalists, will spotlight a range of concertos by pivotal figures in violin literature: K. Lipiński, M. Karłowicz, H. Wieniawski, F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. Sibelius, J. Brahms and L. van Beethoven. The Prize-Winners’ Concert will be the crowning moment of the Competition. 

Additionally, the competition will be accompanied by a festival, comprising concerts, lectures, and meetings. Further details will be disclosed soon. 

Regulations and comprehensive information can be accessed on the event website: lipinski-competition.com. The competition is organized by the Toruń Symphony Orchestra, an institution funded by the Municipality of Toruń, with co-financing from ZAW STOART.