Rules 2019

of the 5th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition
Torun 04-13.10.2019


The 5th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition – Torun 2019 – is organized by the Toruń Symphony Orchestra (Polish: Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna), address: Aleja Solidarności, 87-100 Toruń, entered into the Register of Cultural Institutions under No. 01/92, NIP: 956-14-29-917, and shall be held from 04.10.2019 till 13.10.2019.


1. Prof. Ilya Kaler shall be the Chairperson of the Jury.
2. The complete membership of the international Jury shall be announced prior to the opening of the Competition.
3. Detailed rules of Jury’s procedures shall be specified in the Rules and Regulations of the Jury’s Operations, which shall be determined on the first sitting of the Jury before the auditions begin.
4. Marks granted by members of the Jury shall be secret.
5. Decisions of the Jury are final and non-appealable.


1. The Competition shall be open only to violinists of all nationalities born after 04.10.1986.


1. Application form to participate in the 5th Competition has been published in electronic form on A filled in and personally signed application form shall be sent by post to the Competition’s Secretariat no later than by 30.04.2019 (the post-mark serving as proof).
2. Required appendixes:
a) application form
b) 2 different current portrait photographs in .jpg format, 600 dpi at the minimum,
c) brief artistic CV in Polish or English in .doc, .docx., .odt or .pdf format (900 characters at the most),
d) documents confirming musical qualifications (prizes, reviews, diplomas, etc.), from the last five years at the most,
e) scan of passport or ID card confirming age and nationality of the candidate,
f) a video sent in electronic form (e.g. via YouTube, DropBox, WeTransfer, Google Drive) or a DVD sent by post, signed with name and surname, with a recording of three pieces from the list provided below:

– J. S. Bach – Adagio and Fugue from Sonata No. 1 for solo violin in G minor BWV 1001 or Grave and Fugue from Sonata No. 2 for solo violin in A minor BWV 1003 or Adagio and Fugue from Sonata No. 3 for solo violin in C major BWV 1005 or Chaconne from Partita No. 2 in D minor BWV 1004,

– N. Paganini – one of the Capriccios from Op. 1 at the candidate’s choice,

– W. A. Mozart – first part of the Violin concerto with cadenza, recorded to piano accompaniment; Violin Concerto in G major KV 216 or in D major KV 218 or in A major KV 219 at the candidate’s choice.

3. The video recording shall show the full body of the violinist and must be filmed at a maximum distance of 5 meters. Disc received by the organizers will not be returned. Above mentioned recordings are the only form allowed in order to be accepted to participate in the Competition. Permitted file format: mpeg4, avi.
4. The Organizer shall qualify candidates based on the received recordings. The membership of the qualifying committee shall be announced by 17.05.2019. The committee shall qualify no more than 24 participants and no more than 5 candidates on the reserve lists from among all the candidates. Participants shall receive decisions whether they have been qualified by 17.06.2019 and the list of persons qualified to participate in the Competition shall be published on the website:
5. After receiving the decision, candidates qualified to the 1st stage shall be obliged to pay an entry fee in the amount of EUR 200 (or its equivalent in PLN, according to the current exchange rate as of the payment date), to the account of the Toruń Symphony Orchestra:

IBAN: PL 49 1160 2202 0000 0000 6171 9276
Payment should be annotated: Candidate’s name and surname – Violin Competition 2019

6. Payments shall be made by 01.07.2019. Should the candidate resign from participating in the Competition, the entry fee shall not be returned. Decision about qualification and participation in the Competition has the effect of executing an agreement pertaining to participation in the Competition at the terms and conditions specified herein.
7. Failure to pay the entry fee by the set deadline shall be equivalent with candidate’s resignation from participation in the Competition.
8. In case the application form is incomplete or should the DVD file be defective, this may constitute the grounds for the candidate’s application to be rejected.
9. Prize-winners of previous editions of the Competition are not allowed to participate in the Competition.


1. Each participant shall cover his/her costs of travel to Toruń and back.
2. The Organizer shall provide accommodation and meals (three meals a day) in the course of participant’s participation in the Competition.
3. Participants are requested to verify whether they need an entry visa to Poland, if necessary. Should such visa be necessary, the Organizer shall provide the invitation.
4. Any person accompanying Competition’s participants shall stay in Torun at his/her own cost.


1. Qualified participants are obliged to report to the Competition’s office on the day of Competition’s Inauguration, i.e. October 4, 2019 by 1 p.m., presenting their ID card. The playing order of competitors shall be drawn during the Opening Ceremony of the 5th International Karol Lipiński Festival and Violin Competition – Torun 2019 on 04.10.2019, at 7 p.m. Participants are required to be present when the playing order is drawn. Evening dress shall be mandatory.
2. Participants shall perform in alphabetic order, commencing from the letter drawn in public on 04.10.2019.
3. The order of performances shall be respected until the Competition has ended.


1. The Competition consists of three (3) stages open to public which shall be broadcast live via the Internet, and involves performance from memory (aside from sonatas in the 2nd stage) of the following compositions:

1st STAGE – 05-07.10.2019
(max. 24 candidates)

J.S. Bach – Sonata or Partita for violin solo
E. Ysaӱe – Sonata No. 3 or No. 6, Op. 27

One of the following N. Paganini’s or H. Wieniawski’s violin capriccios solo:

N. Paganini, Op. 1 No. 4, 5 ,7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 24
H. Wieniawski – L’ecole Moderne, Op. 10 (any capriccio)

2nd STAGE – 08-09.10.2019
(max. 12 candidates)

Each participant shall perform a recital lasting 40-45 minutes. Repertoire selected by the candidate must include two of the following:

One of the following L. van Beethoven’s Sonatas for violin and piano:
No. 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10

One of the following K. Lipiński’s compositions:
K. Lipiński – one of the 3 Polonaises Op. 9: No. 1 A in A major, No. 2 in E minor, No.3 in D major.
K. Lipiński – Rondo alla Polacca in D major, Op. 17
K. Lipiński – Fantasia and variations Op. 33.

Karol Lipiński’s music sheets shall be available on the Competition’s website.
The remaining part of the repertoire (40-45 minutes at the most) – at the candidate’s choice, with piano accompaniment
It is prohibited to perform concertos for violin and orchestra. The works may be performed in any order.

3rd STAGE – FINAL 11-12.10.2019
(max. 6 candidates)

One for the following concertos for violin and orchestra:

K. Lipiński – Violin Concerto No. 2 in D major Op. 21 “Military”
K. Szymanowski – Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 61
H. Wieniawski – Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Op. 22
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Violin Concerto in E minor Op. 64
P. Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto in D major Op. 35
B. Bartók – Violin Concerto No. 2 BB 117

The final stage shall be preceded by consultations with the conductor and rehearsal with orchestra.

Prize-winners concert – 13.10.2019

2. At each stage, the Jury shall grade each participants anonymously, after the conclusion of their presentations.
3. Concert dress code shall be mandatory for performing participants at all stages of the Competition.
4. Any changes to the published Competition’s programme shall be allowed, subject to the deadline for introducing changes. The deadline for introducing changes to the programme shall be 15.07.2019.
5. The participant shall be obliged to provide music sheets (for 2nd stage) for the accompanist by 31.07.2019 by e-mail to the address: or by post to the Competition’s Secretariat (the post-mark serving as proof).
6. The Organizer will not provide the participant with music sheets.
7. The participant should have original music sheets. The Organizer shall not be liable for violation of copyrights of third parties by the use of own music sheets by the Competition’s participant.


1. The Organizers shall provide each participant who requests such need in an application form with an accompanying pianist. Each participant shall be allowed to have one free-of-charge rehearsal with an official Competition’s pianist lasting 1.5 hour and finalists shall be allowed to have one rehearsal with orchestra.
2. The participant shall have the right to participate in the Competition with his/her own pianist, at his/her own cost.
3. Should the participant participate in the Competition with his/her own pianist, such participant shall be entitled to have accommodations available for one rehearsal lasting 1.5 hour at the most.


1. By way of Jury’s decision, three statutory prizes and Prize-winner title shall be granted:

1st Prize – EUR 20,000 + a statue of Nicolaus Copernicus’ Astrolabe
2nd Prize – EUR 15,000
3rd Prize – EUR 10,000

2. According to the Polish tax law, all aforementioned prizes and awards shall be subject to taxation. The tax shall be paid by the Organizer.
3. Winners of first three prizes shall receive the title of COMPETITION’S PRIZE-WINNERS. The remaining three participants of the final shall receive awards in the amount of EUR 2,000 each. The Jury shall have the right to change the division and number of prizes; however, the total prize amount may not be changed. In the event of awarding two equal prizes, no subsequent prize shall be given.
4. All participants of the Competition shall receive commemorative diplomas. Prizes shall be granted during the Prize-winners concert on 13.10.2019 in Torun. Prize-winners shall be obliged to participate in the Prize-winners concert personally and to personally collect the prizes.
5. Aside from statutory prizes, the Jury shall also grant prizes financed by institutions and individuals, that, among others can be in the form of concerts. The Competition’s Jury shall make a decision about the distribution of all the prizes.
6. Any other financial and material prizes financed by institutions and individuals should be reported to the Competition’s Director before the Competition has started. Such prizes shall be extra-statutory and shall be granted on 13.10.2019.
7. At every stage of the Competition, including during the Prize-winners concert, official/concert dress code shall be mandatory for all participants.


1. Competition’s participant grants his/her consent for the Organizer to video record his/her artistic performance and his/her image, statements and interviews made in the course of the Competition.
2. Competition’s participant transfers to the Organizer any and all proprietary rights to performances of works presented in the Competition and to statements and interviews made by the participant, and grants his/her consent for the Organizer to disseminate the image recorded in connection with the participation in the Competition.
3. Competition’s participant grants his/her consent for the Organizer to use performances in the course of the Competition, interviews, statements and image in their entirety and in any selected part, to make adaptations, abstracts and alterations as well as translations, and declares that such use shall not be deemed use blemishing the reputation of the participant.
4. Competition’s participant transfers to the Organizer the exclusive and unlimited in time and space right to permit the exercise of derivative copyrights to the works referred to in §10 (1) and (2), and, in particular, permits to dispose of and use compilations of works, including translations into other languages. The participant also undertakes not to take actions that would limit the aforementioned right in the future.
5. The participant permits the Organizer to exercise his/her moral copyrights to the works referred to in §10 (1) and (2).
6. The transfer of copyrights and proprietary rights, as referred to in §10 (1-5), is unlimited in time and space and includes all fields of exploitation, in particular:
a) recording and reproducing the work, creating copies of the work by any technique, including printing, reprography, magnetic record and digital technique, storing in computer memory;
b) any trading of the original or copies referred to in 10 (6) (a), including, in particular, marketing, lending for use or lease;
c) any publication, in particular: live broadcast and any broadcast, re-broadcast, including by wired or wireless video and/or sound, by land stations or satellite as well as making available (including via streaming technology) on the Internet, in other IT, cable, telecommunications and multimedia networks;
d) any publication so that anyone can access the object of rights at a location and time of their choosing;
e) any public screening, display, performance, exhibition.

7. The Organizer holds an unlimited right to dispose of the rights referred to in §10, including, in particular, to transfer such rights to other entities, and the participant shall not be entitled to any remuneration on this account.


1. The Organizer – Toruń Symphony Orchestra – shall be the controller of personal data of Competition’s participants. Personal data shall be processed pursuant to provisions applicable in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. Such data shall be disclosed or entrusted for the purposes of processing to third parties cooperating in the organization of the Competition.
2. Competition’s participants grant their consent for the processing of their personal data for the purposes of organizing the Competition and in accordance with the purpose of the Competition.
3. Data subjects shall have the right to access their personal data, including the right to correct such data, remove such data and to request that such data processing stop.


1. For the duration of the Competition, participants and pianists shall be obliged to obtain an insurance of persons and instruments on their own. If a participant has an antique instrument (i.e. more than 55 years old), such participant shall be obliged to report to customs authorities upon crossing the Polish border. If a participant uses a hired instrument, such Participant should hold a document confirming their right to use it.
2. Competition’s participants should hold health insurance for the duration of their stay in Poland.
3. Should there be any disputes in respect of these Rules and Regulations, such disputes shall be resolved solely on the basis of the Polish language version of these Rules and Regulations.
4. In all organizational matters outside the competence of the Jury, the Competition’s Director shall have the right to decide. Decisions of the Competition’s Director are final and are not appealable.
5. Any and all correspondence should be served to the address of the Competition’s Secretariat:

Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna
Aleja Solidarności 1-3
87 -100 Toruń, Poland
Tel: +48 56 622 88 05

6. Submission of an application for the Competition by the candidate means that the candidate accepts these Rules and Regulations. The notification of the acceptance of the candidate’s application shall be deemed as executing an agreement between the Organizer and the candidate in respect of matters covered herein.




Karol Lipiński – 3 Polonaises Op. 9,  Fantasy on themes from ‘Krakowiacy i górale’ by Stefani, for violin and piano – VIOLINO

Karol Lipiński – 3 Polonezy Op. 9,  Fantasy on themes from ‘Krakowiacy i górale’ by Stefani, for violin and piano – PIANO

K. Lipiński – Rondo alla Polacca op. 17 for violin and piano – VIOLINO

K. Lipiński – Rondo alla Polacca op. 17 for violin and piano – PIANO